Videos to help you understand technology in plain English

March 22, 2008 – 4:28 am

video iconA collection of videos to help yourself, colleague or family member understand, in plain English, with pictures, a way-cool or way-new Internet website and does it way-better than you could have.

The website provides easy to understand tutorial videos on various technology vid graphic(mostly internet related) subjects “in plain English”

I previewed some of the videos, and they do an excellent job explaining internet-related topics with a well produced, well narrated video with graphics, and as they claim, it made complex subjects easy to understand.

For example, Google Docs is a favorite google feature that I use on a daily basis, they produced a video, hired by google, explaining what it is and how cool it is:

While their videos are still sparse, and the navigation of the site is not very intuitive, the handful of videos they have, do an excellent job explaining its topics. Lets hope they continue to grow its library for non-vendor specific technologies.

Other notable videos on the site:

They are also for hire, where they produce videos for clients who have a product or service that explains it.. wait for it.. in plain english.

Other Video tutorial Sites (higher level):

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