Top 10 twisted Comics Strips of the Web

March 15, 2008 – 6:09 pm

comic iconView the top 10 list of the most excellent, but demented and twisted comics available on the Internet today.

comic iconComics on the web was one of the early trumpeting content on the “information superhighway” The old school print comics made available on the web was one of the first pioneering content on the Internet. Conversely, many new comic artists had their start on the web, creating a buzz and fan base on the web, then ultimately (and lucratively) to print.

The web is an obvious medium for budding comic artists to expose their art to a wide audience. The web sphere has opened the doors to allow a wide range of comic to be available on the Internet. From the amazing, obscure, weird, twisted, and not-so-good, it’s all there.

Here are the top 10 twisted comics on the web.

(Warning, most of these these are NSFK (not safe for kids))

number 10 Boy on a Stick and Slither
comics boasas
number 9 Wulffmorgenthaler
comics wulffmorgenthaler
number 8 We the Robots
comics wetherobots
number 7 XKCD
comics xkcd
number 6 Thingpart
comics thingpart
number 5 White Ninja
comics whiteninja
number 4 See Mike Draw
comics seemikedraw
number 3 Toothpaste for Dinner
comics toothpastefordinner
number 2 explosm
comics explosm
number 1 The Perry Bible Fellowship
comics pbf

Agree? Disagree? Blaringly obvious missing Comic? Comment below!

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