Back from the Dead

May 19, 2020 – 9:43 am

Like a zombie from the old school zombie movies, this blog was revived from its digital grave during the covid19 apocalypse. Cause hey, why not. (Warning old links may be dead)

Video Stream for Youtube, Digg, and Reddit

November 13, 2008 – 4:27 pm is an experiment in screen scraping Digg, Reddit, and Youtube for a continous stream of videos for your short attention span. (more…)

View your Aquarium through your fish’s eyes

October 29, 2008 – 10:42 pm

Like a stealth snail peering up at the fishes, this underwater camera will allow you to view your aquarium life with this waterproof cam. (more…)

Awesome Plush Star Wars R2D2 Backpack

October 17, 2008 – 6:54 pm

A new R2D2 plush backpack to wear and proudly pronounce your alligence to the greatest 3 movies of all time. (more…)

Portable Dreamcast Released by Ben Heck

October 15, 2008 – 5:44 pm

Mod Genius Ben Heck has released his latest creation, Darthcast; the portable Sega Dreamcast


World’s Smallest Walking Robot

October 15, 2008 – 3:14 pm

Similar in size to the oldschool windup robots, Robo-Q is advanced toy robot is outfitted with actual robotic intelligence and sensors.


Make Music from Pi

October 13, 2008 – 6:58 pm

Paul Slocum from Texas seeds his music from pi and creates a never repeating, never ending streamof calculated house music (more…)

Pekoppa: the interactive dancing plant

October 6, 2008 – 6:06 pm

pekoppa iconI’m not sure if this is awesome or sad. I mean, for one to talk to a plant is pretty sad, but to have a robotic one is pretty awesome. Lets just say its sadly awesome. (more…)

Converting your Digital Picture frame into your personal portable MTV

October 3, 2008 – 2:45 am

Instructions on how to convert a Digital picture frame to be your own personal MTV with your collection of favorite music videos of all time. (more…)

Google like its 2001

September 30, 2008 – 6:59 pm

In observation of its 10th anniversary, Google lets you search through its index when it was 2001. (more…)